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There are suggestions that Ellen Pao was brought in to be the sacrifical scapegoat, making unpopular changes in order to be the lightning rod for the ire of the internet mob.

What can you do to put those rumours to bed?

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So, basically it's the DVD extras!

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This is an AMA so must contain a question:

Do you think Jeremy Hunt doesn't understand junior doctors, like Frankie Boyle says), or understands but doesn't care?

And, the other reason for posting, is to say the NHS has saved my life on more than one occasion and I am in absolute support of you guys and think that the shameful way you have been treated by the current government is despicable. Thank you for being a doctor. Thank you for standing up to help save our NHS.

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Whilst I'm in favour of the QI Elves posting more this survey isn't exactly scientifically valid.

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Fair enough - thanks for the reply :)