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What improvements are being made for female hair loss?

I know several women, who's hormone levels are 'normal' yet they have significant hair loss and thinning.

I understand how baldness bothers men, but it seems to be a worse problem for women, in that they can't just shave their head and be in society as men would.

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Properly funded? What a bullshit response. The IRS is budgeted at over $10 billion a year. If you can't find money in that budget you shouldn't be enforcing shit with what others do with their money.

Typical government response. Give us more money so we can do an even worse job.

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So are you pro-liberal, anti - conservative, or ambivalent towards political party?

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I don't care if it makes sense to you. I was a member of the other political subs as well, but they don't care for anything short of ANTIFA propaganda. I've never encountered a single hostile post from TD for disagreeing with them on an issue...or at least since they removed the bots.

Find a nice middle ground political sub and let me know what it is.

You're doing a great job of showing people how tolerant the left is. Keep it up genius.

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I'd like to thank you for your service as well.

I do have one question. What kind of jobs are we talking about here? A job that requires a 4 year degree or a blue collar job?

My father was in Vietnam and we talked occasionally about the whole ex military job stuff. He often told me that people who dropped out of high school and had no future prospects blamed veteran bias for not allowing them their dream job when they got out.

I know that some of this depend on location and job market, but I would hope this isn't the case today?

Edit: you answered most of this further down the thread. The company I work for had many vets employed, but the company I work for has a large employee base 50,000+ and had both white and blue.