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If you had to start all over from scratch, what sort of routine would you do as an absolute beginner?

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What happened to the RPG features of Fitocracy that were originally a big selling point? Why has the site turned into a Fitness Facebook?

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But if you've ever built a product and dealt with a non-trivial number of users


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  • Is it true that lower back and stomach fat is a sign of high insulin resistance? I have heard this from various people but no real sources.
  • Assuming the above is true, what is the best way to improve insulin resistance sensitivity? I am currently fasting coupled with daily fenugreek. What more can I do?
  • CheatMode recommends glucose powder in pre-workout shakes. /u/eric_twinge mentioned elsewhere that a 50/50 mix of fructose and glucose has been shown to improve performance. What is the rationale for glucose in CheatMode and should this be revised?

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If yes, how much?

If no, wtf is wrong with you?