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Were you involved with the cigarette ads that the Flintstones used for sponsoring? If so what we're your thoughts later on when it became common knowledge smoking is so bad for you?

Also, why was angelica such a bitch?

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I was listening to a special about people with albinism on the cbc, and some people were discussing being called "albino" and how it's a no no since you are identified only as an albino not a person. What are your thoughts on the term connotations? For further thought, my phone doesn't like the term "Calvinism " (albinism) but is fine with albino.

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In what ways have your experiences as a gay actor changed over the decades? Have you always been open about who you are to fellow actors and directors, or were your relationships strictly precessional?

You are truly one of my favourite people! Keep on keeping the world a bit more classy