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I am actually really interested in the behind the scenes workings of this.

How it is implemented? How do you work out a cost analysis? How you connect within a group setting etc?

The reason being, I am looking at a career change due to Covid. I have been putting some serious thought into mental health therapy and combining it with my other passion which is cars.

The aim as a sort of "Tools and Talk" group therapy where blokes (and girls) would feel more comfortable opening up in an environment that is focused around cars and a garage setting.

I strongly believe that one of the few positives of the global pandemic is that it will force a lot of governments to take a much closer look at mental health and I feel that by combining something that I am passionate about (the cars and the workshop environment) and opening it up to a group therapy environment that is less typical and "clinical", I could really do some good.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and wish you all the best with your therapeutic D&D campaigns!

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Off the top of your head what are 5 typical Hollywood inaccuracies that you see in movies? (ignoring the famous unlimited ammunition)

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"That sounds incredibly valuable for blokey types who aren't going to come into the therapy room."

Thank you! This is precisely the kind of demographic that it would be aimed at. Those who are open to the idea of mental health but either have apprehensions or misconceptions about what therapy is. Even if my services can be used as a stepping stone for them to become more comfortable seeking more specialized therapy in a more conventional setting, then I would consider that a worthy process