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Do you believe there is any merit whatsoever to these state requirements like being in a "reading program" or being required to go through a law school? Why is sitting for and passing the bar by itself not enough if you think there is merit in those programs?

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If the number of victims that you could find after investigating for 8 months is only 110 across a three year time span in a country of over 300 million, do you believe this is actually a problem that merits any real attention whatsoever? What is your stance on gun ownership and gun rights in general?

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I don’t know about you, but to me 110 seems like a pretty high number when it represents deaths that could likely have been prevented by people doing their damn jobs.

No. No it doesn't. That is exactly why I asked that question. In fact, thr number is so ridiculously low that it's almost comical that anyone could possibly believe this is an issue worth spending time/resources on.

If it came out that 110 people had been killed in the past few years by drunk drivers whose record was so bad that their license was legally supposed to be suspended, but wasn’t because their local police departments just decided they didn’t want to enforce that particular law, don’t you think that would be fairly serious business?

When the number is that low I would assume that a criminal did what criminals do, which is ignore the law. That's the reasonable conclusion anyways.

In a country that’s supposed to be governed by the rule of law, it’s pretty important for people to have confidence that the legal system will enforce the laws

Its 110. That number is so infantessimally small that it would appear to me that the system isnworking pretty damn well. If you think 110 cases of someone skirting the law by illegally obtaining a gun (that you can be sure was purchased not at a legit dealer) then you are saying you could only be satisfied by a literal 1984 style system of enforcement where the state has cameras in every room of every building so they can constantly monitor every person to make sure they don't break the rules.

On this topic, apparently we can’t have that confidence. 110 murders is plenty to have a chilling effect by demonstrating to abuse victims that nobody’s bothering to enforce the laws that are supposed to help them stay alive if they run.

No, it really doesn't say that at all. You are failing to either consider or to comprehend that there are 20 MILLION convicted felons and only 110 of them illegally purchased a firearm and killed a spouse/significant other. The number is so impossibly small in relation to how many people could possibly fall commit this crime as to effectively be literally at 0%.

For every case in which the abuser went through with the shooting and successfully killed their target, how many domestic abuse victims do you think there are who’ve concluded they have no choice but to stay with an abuser who regularly threatens to do the same thing if they try to leave? After all, the laws that could put obstacles in the abuser’s path might be enforced, but then again they might not be.

You are now conflating two completely different issues. On top of that, you clearly are presuming or at least insinuating that the number of people in this abused scenario is some massive number. I mean, if you think 110 is large, if the number of people in this hypothetical situation was only 1500 you would apparently think that's unconscionably high.

Laws aren't a deterrent for some people. That's life. While something that happens to you or someone you know might be personally painful, that doesn't mean it is enough of an issue for society writ large to actually care.