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How much input do the anchors have in what news is presented? Could you write your own piece? Could you refuse to cover a story (for religious, political, or other reasons)? How far in advance do you know what you are presenting for the day?

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There a large number of exciting intratumorally injected I/O therapeutics on the pipelines of many major pharma companies. One problem with locally administered therapeutics is the issue of missing metastatic tumors or micrometastases that cannot be detected. What are your thoughts on the feasibility of these intratumoral therapies?

Also, do you have quality control/manufacturability issues with multikine? Do you have to screen every batch to confirm cytokine ratios? Do you culture your cells with FBS? If so, do you have a process to remove the FBS from your final injection, or is the FDA okay with bovine excipients in your injection?

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Is there any reason why Multikine can be injected ahead of surgery and other intratumorally administered therapeutics cannot? For example, oncolytic viruses like Amgen's Imlygic would be expected to have many similar immuno inflammatory pathways that would be similar to Multikine. Is there any reason why Imlygic could not be used in the same fashion as Multikine?