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The crazy thing is, after watching the behind the scenes stuff, we think she actually DOES look like Moana! I know she was drawn before she was cast, but she fits her so well and really resembles the character. We'd recognize her immediately!

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My questions are actually asked by my five year old daughter. She is a huge fan of David Attenborough, and has seen everything he has made. She loves nature, watching animals interact with plants, and collecting and keeping insects.

Her questions are: Do you like to watch things grow? Do you use a tiny camera, or a big one? Why do the bladderworts look so scary?

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Hello Dr Tyson! My 7 year old daughter is a HUGE fan of Cosmos, and was incredibly excited when I told her that you are carrying on the Cosmos legacy with a new addition to the series. She had three questions (if you don't mind):

1) What is your favorite part of the Natural History Museum in New York?

2) Will you get to show us the atom?

3) If you make an apple pie from scratch, will you actually eat the pie? (This was a huge matter of contention for her)

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....proper authorities are informed and given an opportunity to establish a timeline for addressing the problem. When that timeline has expired, the disclosed vulnerability is made available to the public. This step is crucial because it gives the authorities (or whomever is responsible for maintaining the security of the given system) the proper motivation to address the issue.

That's really awesome. Coming into this thread, I didn't really have an opinion on what you're doing (I'm really only just hearing about this now). After reading this, you've got an exceptional outlook, coming from a point of helping people, instead of just showing vulnerabilities. Working so closely with security as you are, makes this a real benefit, paving a way for actual solutions.

I started reading this with a bit of wariness, but I've got to say, what you're doing is actually helpful. The way you're going about it is awesome. Good job, and thank you!

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Thank you so much for answering! She was so excited to get a response from you! Watching the progression of camera technology over the years has been very exciting. It is incredible, the things that we get to see in the natural world, these things that are happening right outside in our own backyards. Thank you for being a part of it, for what you show the rest of us through your lenses, and for participating in this AMA!