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Which regions and varietals have caught your attention in recent years that have not previously been on your radar? I've heard great things about Armenian wines and I love that I can get a great bottle of Lodi Zinfandel for less than $15, are there any regions that you believe will become renowned in the near future?

What are your favorite budget wines and wineries?

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What institutions do you primarily focus on, and which institutions have given the more fascinating results?

How often do you run into explicit bias when researching or teaching about implicit bias, and what methods do you use to curve explicit bias?

In Malcolm Gladwell's Blink, eliminating bias (implicit and otherwise) required fully blind tests. Is there a simpler method of minimizing implicit bias rather than conducting interviews/auditions blindly?

Does the IAT do anything beyond proving specific biases; and if so what does it show?

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Your work has received a great deal of attention, analysis, and criticism. Firstly, I’d like to thank you. I’ve read and listened to a lot of it and it has changed my known and unknown perspectives on many different subjects. If you were tasked to update or edit some of your previous studies which ones would you change and why? What new information would you like to include? Are there any topics that you feel vindicated in that were controversial at the time? Why would you include Steve Nash in your Nigerian team if he almost certainly has no Igbo blood?