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Thanks for the reply! I've been thinking of looking at physical therapy anyway, this gives me another reason.

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Hi David and Fiji! I'm a beginner to yoga; I attended classes for a few weeks years ago but never went anywhere with it and am just now starting back up. I have several chronic illnesses that make any kind of impact exercise super painful. Recently, my back pain and a leg injury has had me like a giant couch-ridden blob, and I just can't keep watching the scale climb any more. I remembered how much I loved those classes and so I started back up at home.

So far everything has been going well but I do have some questions for you guys. I'm not at a place where joining a gym or a studio would work for me- money, I can't actually make it through an entire class without having to stop, I have serious balance issues, etc.- but I would like to get some feedback about my posture and some general advice. Would it be worthwhile to me to schedule a private session or should I just try a couple of drop-in classes? Can I enlist a friend to critique me at home? Do you have any suggestions to help work with (or around) problems with balance and flexibility?

Thank you both again, for doing the AMA and also for running a beautiful free yoga site!