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The thing about porn/sex pricing, it's the same with mobile games. The prices are based around what some people will pay. The people who will pay are more important than all the people who don't pay. In mobile gaming those people are referred to as whales. With sex/fetish stuff the pricing is based on all the rich people with disposable income or old dudes with no options. To them they are willing to pay that, and that's why it will never seem financially worth it to everyone else who can get the real thing mixed with a little pornhub.

My friend has a foot site where she sells socks, feet pics, sub sessions, stuff like that. Id never be able to afford any of that since that's what rich pervy dudes pay her. But I'm pretty impressed at her hussle and as her friend I do get a lot of freebies. I think it's hot she can make that much but it does suck I'd never be able to afford anything like that. I could, it just wouldn't be worth it. I could take like 10 girls out for the price of one hour with her lol

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What can we do to help raise turnout for the Senate run-out vote? What will Biden be able to accomplish in his plan if democrats fail to take both seats?

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Thank you for your answer. I am hoping there are some approaches that Biden can still take to approach the problems he has outlined which wouldn't depend completely upon Senate approval.