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Cue: Wayne's World-style flash forward a billion years in the future


HUMANS toil in chains, dragging tons of rock in a scene out of Ancient Egypt.

A dehydrated, exhausted HUMAN falls to his knees in mid-stride. He looks up at the approaching guard, whose leafy appendages fill his eyes with fear:


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No no no, ABACAB was a Genesis album!

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I just want to say that I think the National's version of the Gravy Boat song could be an actual, factual single for the National and sell mad hot records. Bravo for making that a reality.

Also, as a recording engineer I must tip my hat to Loren, as you did one of my favourite jokes of the series with the "Gene goes to Gear Heaven" bit in "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene." On a related note: can you share the release timeframe for the recently announced BB song compilation?

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Thanks for the AMA! I think it is a thing to be proud of that cycling is being represented as a global sport and a force for good/growth. The last thing cycling needs is more cynicism or controversy.

How do you feel about MTN contesting for the 2014 Giro wildcard entry, either in itself or as it may relate to your organization?