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Why can't excel just treat text numbers like number numbers. Its 2017 and I still have to do some conversion BS to get the numbers to behave like numbers.

Also if you sum a column of numbers and a letter happens to be in there, just give me the sum without the letter and throw a warning of some sort. Don't just screw up my whole column calculation.

Can you just please fix this finally?

Or add and option box that enables that behavior.


Oh....and on other thing. Waaaay back in the day, like windows 3.1 world excel came with a very simple built in tutorial. This would be very useful for beginners.

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Dude! He said no homo.

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Came here for a blades of glory comment. Was not disappointed.

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I would assume that the easier way to smuggle drugs is with a simple remote submarine. You could tow it by "fishing" boat and if you see the cops you release the tow line and have the sub hold position somewhere not by you. The sub could have batteries and be remote controlled so it could drive itself as well. The main tow boat could recharge the sub batteries to extend the range.

I just came up with this on the toilet. I wonder if drug Lords are already doing this?

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Not to be a dick but is it a great time to buy real estate in PR? Fantastic deals on fixer uppers? Did many damaged buildings have insurance?