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There are hundreds of machines that women can buy that are entirely hands free to the point that someone with severe mobility issues below the elbows can still have a great time.

Do you see the same style of Sybian-esque product offering coming to a male clientele, where you could go from flaccid to orgasm without lifting a finger? Many “male mastabatory aids” end up being a bullet vibrator wrapped in a silicon taco, or a fleshlight with bullet vibe.

I’d happily drop $1000 on a Sybian style machine that I could use without ever needing to touch, literally plug and play.

If not, what practicalities cause the largest issue in creating this style of machine and what is Kiiroo doing to resolve them?

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No evidence to back it up, but I can kinda understand why it would be good.

Repetitive game based on simple rules, order and structure. You get constant expectations met with expected rewards and are forced to plan ahead in order to maximise your chance of winning. If you lose then you restart and get little wins again.

From the perspective of someone with GAD and Depression, Tetris, cookie clicker and other simple games actually give me the most fun and enjoyment. The more basic and on rails the game is, the more I enjoy it. I could see it being a good tool to reduce anxiety in the short term, but have no evidence aside from personal anecdotes to back it up.

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Thanks, as someone with impaired mobility in my hands, I love the idea of giving my wife a night off if I want to get off without needing to hold it there the entire time.