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This is something I've always been interested in. I worked as a Senior Advisor for Apple and people would constantly comment about how nice my voice sounded while on the phone. Same happens to me when I speak in general. Any tips for someone looking to enter the field?

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Did you ever make stupid faces or silently mouth off whenever you got mad at them?

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I doubt you're still on here, but all of my questions have been answered. Just wanna say thanks for doing this AMA and playing one of my favorite villians.

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How was schooling like through the years and what's it like now with your dad being Michael motherfuckin' Jordan? Did you go to school with any other celebrity's children?

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I apologize about not searching the thread first. I am just excited and posted a comment before I even thought to look. This is my dream job. I'm fairly savvy with recording as I've done a bit of vocal and instrumental work for some bands around my city. Again, I appreciate your help and input!