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In your interview for the news, your mother said something along the lines of “I’m just proud he’s standing up for what he believes in” when she was asked what her opinion was. How long did it take for her to get to that point? In my opinion I felt there was some underlying tensions. All I know is when I proposed me getting a vaccination my mother didn’t want me to get she said I could through gritted teeth. Has she really been proud of you for doing this or was she just saying that? What was the initial conversation like?

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Hey man, props to you for speaking out on what you believe in. My mom is very set in her ways and tends to believe the fake news of Facebook too, and it can be frustrating sometimes to try to explain something to someone who you love and respect but they just don’t get it. You’re really brave for going on Tv and in front of Congress because these issues need to be addressed. Especially so because it’s going against your parent. Keep fighting the good fight!