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Mr. Brosnan, it is an honor to be here today, throwing my question into the mix. As a 30-something man, you were the Bond I grew up with, and I’m a big fan of your entire body of work as a result (Bond-bias, I suppose). My favorite film of yours is The Matador. I thought the character of Julian was fantastic, and during many of the scenes, you really seemed to be having fun playing up Julian’s lewd disposition and crippling insecurity (a total 180 from Bond). Since this came just three years after your last 007 outing, I was wondering if it was especially amusing for you to play an international man of mystery who was the opposite of James Bond in almost every regard?

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What things can a director do to make an actor's job easier? On the other end, what can a director do to make your life more difficult on-set or in pre-production?

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What's your take on the long-running conspiracy about Jordan's first "baseball" retirement as a ruse to hide the fact that the league caught him red-handed in gambling related activities? As I understand it, the common tinfoil hat theory is that the NBA offered Jordan a choice: either leave the game voluntarily for a period of time, or face serious punishment that would amount to a multi-year suspension. Have you ever heard any off-the-record talk about this possibly being true?

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What an honor to have you here! This Is Spinal Tap is a certified classic in pretty much every way. Could you share any stories about the making of the film that highlights the preparation involved in shooting the interview segments (with Mr. Reiner)? Specifically, what was the ratio of rehearsed vs. improv on those takes?

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What a great answer, thank you so much. Also, you've absolutely made my day, sir. I just interacted with Pierce Brosnan. Excuse me while I gloat about this for the rest of my natural life.