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Something glaringly missing from every single discussion on reddit about the crisis is how can the international community help? Everyone is ready to post memes and complain about chinese people but no one has stepped up to ask how we can help. Really shows how chinese people have been dehumanized in the west when people only care to point and laugh as hundreds of thousands or more people are in mortal danger. I know there is a shortage of masks in wuhan and the rest of china, is there any way we can buy them in our home countries and send them over or donate to any organizations that are doing so? Are there any medical organizations that we can donate to?

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You realize china is a country of 1.4b+ people right? It's like asking why are there people who fuck their cousins or eat alligators in America, weird and backward people exist everywhere and they stand out. The average middle class chinese person is more similar in terms of etiquette to the average westerner than to lower class chinese, you just wouldnt know it since that's not as newsworthy as dirty yellow people eat bats and create contagion

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why not? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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