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Journalists don't usually work with armed security guards for a whole range of ethical reasons. I don't know for sure in this case, but I don't think that Al Jazeera would stray from this rule. Apart from the awkwardness of being potentially responsible for shooting somebody, having an armed person standing next to you while doing interviews with survivors of conflict just doesn't work that well. Also, weapons can get you into more trouble than they are worth, because in countries like CAR you aren't likely to have a working and respected legal framework establishing the rule of their employment.

My guess it that the "consultant" is probably somebody ex-military/security with local experience and language skills, likely making him French ec special forces - this is the profile of the guy I would hire to do the job, if I could be sure that he wouldn't interfere with my research.

peter_doerrie2 karma

Hi Bogbrush,

I'm not sure what you are critizing. I didn't question that journalists cooperate with security consultancies. I just made the point that these consultants are likely not armed, because of the ethical and practical reasons alluded to.