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What's up /r/kings, we have the best fans in the world and it starts right here on reddit. Thanks for all that you do to support us!

  1. I think it's still shooting and playmaking.
  2. I think the energy and excitement of being part of a startup organization.
  3. I think he had a great opportunity and coach put a lot of faith in him. In talking to Ben after the season ended, he understands how important this summer is to take the next step. We're excited about his future.
  4. It's something I've honestly been considering since the day I got here. It is amazing that a big man can be so versatile and we're really fortunate that we can even have this discussion and I'd really like to know what our fans think about this. Can we get a little help from redditors... DeMarcus at PF or C???
  5. I think clearly a combination of ownership, a new arena, staff and most importantly our fans.
  6. Got any others I should be considering?
  7. This is the first time I've had ample time to prepare for the Draft and as I said in my interview with Vivek, I like using all resources from scouts to analytics to even reaching out to our fans. Any of you who have met me have probably had me ask you your opinion of the Draft and free agents. I'm wide open to any thoughts, thoughts??

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Great idea, I'm reaching out to my analytics department as we speak. With our ownership group we should be able to get this done. (Of course 1999 Pete might have had a mullet. You might not want to see that.)

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C'mon guys, I wouldn't even want to fight one mouse-sized DeMarcus Cousins. Next question...

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Masai is that you?

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But seriously, be willing to work in any capacity in pro sports. My first sports job after law school, I convinced an agent to allow me to answer his phones and a year later I was negotiating contracts.