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What do you think/have any advice about re-defining a relationship with someone you care for? I've been caring for my mother who has ALS for the past 12 months, and she recently moved into a nursing home. Im trying, with little success to redefine our relationship - i want to be a son again, and not a carer! I've placed her first in every aspect of our lives for the last 12 months, changed my job, worked part time, left/lost my partner, took a huge income cut...

Im trying to tell her that she can treat me like a carer for the little time we have left on this earth together, or she can treat me like a son - but shes really struggling to make the change, and im really struggling with sticking to my guns at a time like this and 'enforcing' it. I just want a period of every visit (5 times a week) where we talk about me/my life/stuff that isnt 'please do this, do that, this nurse said this, this care assistant did this thing to me, im so uncomfortable, im so upset' etc. I would happily do/deal with all these things for her, and I have/still do, but its so fucking hard when i get nothing back.

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Thanks for the response!