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Thank you for doing this! In your opinions, do you think it’s likely any extended economic downturn would spill over into housing markets? Or do you think the protections put in place after 2008 to prevent another financial crisis would blunt their effects on housing prices?

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A bigger question is whether there might be structural problems in the housing market.

Thank you for responding! I work in urban planning and homeless housing, so on top of being an issue very near and dear to my heart, I'm worried about the mass evictions we could see once evictions moratoriums are lifted. As a follow up, do you foresee any steps undertaken to keep renters from being mass evicted, while not causing small mom and pop landlords to have to sell off like in 2008?

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Professor Reich, you talk a lot about the need to get money out of politics (which I 100% agree with). I'm wondering if you think this should be done with a Constitutional Amendment that explicitly does so, or if it would be better to do a larger amendment that includes things like independent redistricting commissions, moving Election Day to a weekend/making it a holiday, minimum number of days for early voting, ex. Essentially do you think it's better to focus on the single issue of money in politics, or would it be better to package them all into one amendment?

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Where IS Woodhouse?