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Hi there!

I'm a ballet dancer but I took a hiatus and have been back to dancing for ~6 months now. I'm 19 and at the age where I should be auditioning for apprenticeships at companies. I really do fear that I won't get in anywhere because of my hiatus (3 longggg years), so my question to you is this:

You mentioned they audition dancers. Would it be enough for me to have ballet and -some- gymnastics training to get into the circus world? I'm sure I could learn aerial stuff, and a lot of my gymnastics will come back with some practice.

I've been thinking it's a fairly reasonable alternative to ballet or contemporary ballet companies if I don't get in anywhere, but the main things I see from circus people are the ridiculous handstands which I don't think I'd ever be able to do.

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Thank you so much for your advice! Right now I'm auditioning for literally every ballet company I can, but if none of that works out, the circus route seems good. I'll take a look at that video too! Thank you again!