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My favorite thing about that photo is that there are two versions. One without the Reddit alien, and one with.

Okay, so the one without the alien appears to be one of those dragon dongs, too...

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Just be happy!!

Well fuck, why didn't I think of that before?


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Is there anything outside of medication to help tone down the symptoms of bipolar? I finally got diagnosed with BP2 after two decades of being told I had only depression and since starting treatment, I haven't had any of those extreme highs or mania episodes that were becoming more and more frequent, which is amazing. Would CBT be able to help combat some of the lows and occasional mediocre high?

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have you had the jalapeno bites with the bronco berry sauce? I mean, they do make the best curly fries, but something about that berry sauce and crunchy, gooey jalapenos...

oh wait, sweet and salty with crunch. hmm. yeah.

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Hi Lori!

There's a product idea I've got worked out into a prototype that I feel would be extremely successful once I figure out how to get patents on the design of it, blah blah blah.

But when it comes to try to find someone to help invest or at least help me along with the process (I think I need the latter far more than the former as my family is crazy supportive), how do I properly go about doing it? Just try to find people that have invested in new products before, pitch it, and see if they'll help me out and hope that I've got a non-disclosure written well enough that they won't try to take my idea or something?

Love the show too, btw. I don't think these questions would have ever popped in my head if it weren't for the show and realizing how much work it will take to turn it into a production item.

Actually, there are probably books out there that would guide me along in the process, huh? Man... smart people, they get me every time.