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I've got quite a few!

  • What's the biggest area of growth or development you'd like to see from Brave at this point?
  • What's your biggest bet, that you can share publicly?
  • Can you share more about the advertiser backlog, now that your 1.0 is out? Do you expect to open the floodgates, or are you still carefully picking the campaigns to run?
  • Quoted in the TC article, "In the early days, before it was on Android, the [BAT Rewards] opt-in rate was around 40%, Eich told me, and the team wants to get it back to that."
    • How large is the delta between platforms?
    • This implies the number of rewards users is <4m (<40% of ~9m MAU). Would you consider publishing that # on brave.com/transparency? Or, similarly, aggregated campaign spend over time?
    • How do you imagine balancing this, without the product feeling pushy, or serving ads to uninterested users?
  • Are you still focused on DAU growth and highly retentive users over MAU? Can you share a current DAU number, and -- is the DAU/MAU ratio trending in a direction that you're happy with?
  • What other top-level KPIs do you track as a leadership team?
  • From an advertiser POV, are you able to track conversion in the lower part of the funnel, given your privacy approach? Are there any customer testimonials that you can share? Obviously your top of funnel conversion is really strong (~7x), I'm curious if that follows through the rest of the funnel or drops off.

By the way, we met a few years ago at a tech talk in Menlo Park, and your project has been fun to follow since.

Thanks in advance!

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unlike a big surveillance superpower I can think of! :-P

I knew there'd be a lighthearted jab in here somewhere. :)

Thanks for the detailed response(s!) -- appreciate it. Very interesting.

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Lots to say there, albeit not publicly on reddit! :)