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She'll have his nose, just so y'know.

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Uncontrolled GERD (reflux) causes esophageal cancer, and that link is far more well-established than that of stomach cancer and PPI's. So ultimately you're probably better off both symptom and cancer-wise by taking the PPI.

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The biting and itching doesn't bother me so much with mosquitoes, it's the malaria, yellow fever and zika. Still, forgive them father, for they know not what they do.

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So is your suggestion that they are post-christianity humans who travelled back in time to enslave the dinosaurs, or humans who imported dinosaurs through time travel to a post-christianity time period to press into slavery? Both are very interesting hypotheses. Hmm...

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Okaaay...But like, what specifically are you guys doing to solve the influenza variability vaccine problem? And I don't wanna hear "bringing together great minds" because that's not an answer. What about the human immune response to influenza do we need to know more about?