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My guess: the 'feature' where Adobe convinced people to go from buying a single license for Photoshop which they could use forever, to a monthly cloud subscription service, costing £29.99 a month.

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If everyone gave $1 this fundraiser would be over within an hour!

But thats totally unfeasible, so now I'll keep hassling you to donate $10 instead of a measly $3

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Which artist/band would you most like to see live, but haven't been able to yet (for whatever reason)?

Mine would be Therion. Great band, I recommend Vovin album if you don't already know them. Admittedly with a mix of classical orchestral, choir ensemble, and metal, it's not to everyones tastes :)

I just adored your "Judgment Is Executed" video. So creative and skillful!

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Really sorry to hear about your illness.

My question is, how do you avoid feeling bitter about the card you have been dealt?

Have you come to terms with everything and are philosophical about it? Or feel you have been cheated when often people who smoke and abuse their bodies, seem to live to a ripe old age.

Sorry if this question is not phrased quite how I wanted. I cant think how else to ask. Thankyou for sharing your AMA

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Lets face it, many people these days aren't interested in the truth.

You could start a news agency which only produced absolutely verified and true stories, but you'd go out of business very quickly.

Even if you were to prove to them a story is bullshit, who cares? They don't. They just move onto the next tabloid expose.

This already happens anyway, we have scientists with PhD's providing concrete evidence to back up their claims, and people with zero education think they know better, because they watched some shitty youtube video.