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Oh man, you would be a dead-ringer for Jean Seberg. Very similar faces, coloring and whatnot. That's something I'd love to see. Community should totally do a spoof on Breathless with Jeff Winger playing Jean-Paul Belmondo's role.

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Considering how amazing Grizzly Bear's score for Blue Valentine was, I think a similar idea with The National would be incredible.

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"This is why I'll never be an adult" is like the story of my life. I was so excited to see that I'm not the only one who goes through those "cycles", especially in hilariously-drawn form :D Also, the phrase "clean all the things?" has become a sort of catch-phrase for whenever I have to clean up/do dishes/etc. in my apartment.

I see you've done a couple of personalized things. If you've got the time, would you... draw me a gray cat (I have a gray cat named Scout) doing something funny and/or cute? :3

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Thank you so much for answering my question. I completely agree with you and I will take your words to heart.

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Hi Elizabeth, I am a writer living in NYC trying to make it as a freelancer. However, publications are less and less likely to pay all the time – even my big-name clients who do pay often take weeks at the least to send me a cheque, even if my editors consistently commend and encourage my work.

Writing is what I do. I have years of experience and a portfolio to match, and I feel like I don't have any other option but to keep going, despite my total lack of a wellspring to cushion potential failure. I've had decently-paid staff editor jobs and I've worked in the service industry, but neither are really for me. Every time I try to work a job to help make ends meet I find myself floundering (partly due to my own struggles with mental health). Do you have any advice for how to survive as a writer in this position? How to keep doing what I do best but make sure the money comes in?

Thank you for doing this AMA. I just read your new column on Dazed Digital today. Loved it.