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Although GMO seeds and plants in and of themselves may not be dangerous, and glyphosate - one of the main ingredients in RoundUp has been being used for many years (and is one of the less "intense" herbicides), I am concerned about the other ingredients in RoundUp, and the effects that they have on human health. If I am not mistaken, they have been linked to Parkinson's disease. Do you have reason to believe I should not be concerned?

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In terms of effective crop rotation, are you considering rotating with other cereals - oats, barley, wheat - or just a rotation between corn and soybeans?

I am a graduate student who visited the Midwest this summer and spoke with farmers who were growing corn for three seasons on their land before breaking it up for a single year with soy, then going back to corn.

What if we integrated other crops, that were intended for humans and not animals - such as tomatoes - into our crop rotations?