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Huge Sabres fan here.

Today, it came down that Regier is staying on as GM after a thoroughly dismal season with lackluster effort by the players which was followed by stagnancy for the previous four years. I don't consider barely making the playoffs two years ago, and then getting completely manhandled to be noteworthy.

Do you believe it is a good move by Buffalo to keep Regier on when he has now had sixteen years to win a championship, or at the very least make Buffalo a perennial contender? What sort of player moves do you believe he should make in the off-season in order to help the team become stronger?

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My mom had every single tooth in her head removed last year (she's been a three pack a day smoker for almost 40 years). She had been wearing upper dentures for years, but has gone without them for the past five because she couldn't stand them anymore.

The dentist "drilled" screws into her maxilla, and mandible, then attached porcelain teeth onto them. If she has to have them (the teeth) removed for any reason, the metal screws hang out where her teeth should be, and it looks scary as fuck like she's a cyborg.

She actually had to have a cadaver bone attached to her maxilla because it was so worn away also.

The whole process took half a dozen surgeries over the course of three months, and cost over $50k. She got $20k off of that though because her teeth/mouth were so bad that they documented the whole process to use in their teaching, and promotional materials.

I had never before seen her with nice teeth. Believe me, it took quite a long time getting used to seeing her with them.

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My record is clean apart from those two incidents. The second conviction came over seven years after the first. I did have to go through probation, jail, and a class still though which has all been completed. The only things currently hanging over me are the license suspension, and the interlock. I do have work privileges from 7a-5p, but I've been thinking about petitioning to get my license fully reinstated. I'm just worried about causing unnecessary trouble for myself rather than riding it out for the next seven months.

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