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I have a strange question and not many opportunities to talk to a neurosurgeon...when you cut a hole in a skull, do you have to have your cutting tool at an angle, like carving the top of a pumpkin, so the skull piece doesn't fall in on the brain when you put it back on?

Edit to clarify

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What do you think is the biggest misconception Americans and/or our media have about Palestinians?

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My favorite episode of Cops was when a lady stopped an officer to complain that her crack dealer ripped her off. The crack dealer lady's defense was that she didn't even sell crack, she was a hooker lol. Do you have any awesome stories like that? What's the funniest stop you've ever been involved in?

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Did your pitch fly? What was it for?

ETA: care to elaborate on that privacy part? That sounds creepy af....

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Honestly, I thought Hamas was in charge of everything until I was reading the comments here today. Thanks for answering!