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And the student has to pay the school for the credit.

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Would we be able to produce enough food without GMO technology? Doesn’t the higher yield from GMO help make agriculture have a smaller footprint, not only literally in size of the fields (you live on an island), but also less water and resources to create food?

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Are you afraid of retaliation? I wouldn’t be posting so freely if I had broken laws in my country. I can’t imagine how much worse getting caught in Iran would be.

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I’m not an expert, but I looked into this recently. During the 2009 recession, the suicide rate only rose 6.5%. The unemployment rate is much higher now, but a lot of people know that this is temporary. We know that this will pass, but our current situation has a lot more factors that lead to suicide including the social isolation and most importantly the huge increase in the availability of guns. I know of a lot of people that have watched way too many zombie and virus apocalypse movies and went out and bought guns. Having a gun greatly increases your chance of being successful at suicide.

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Why did your group provide legal support to Oliver North?