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Hello, Mr. Greenwald. I really appreciate your role as a journalist in the leaks, but I am sort of holding out hope that there will be more emphasis in a future story (or stories?) of yours on what people can do short of waiting for a lawsuit to end some of this surveillance, for example, how people can be selective in their use of service(s) or software to pick out that which operates based on a 'Zero Knowledge' system similar to SpiderOak, and some discussion of how ordinary people can implement, support, and demand perfect forward security. These are things anyone can do (or at least, demand be present in their services or software) but we don't see it happening. Would you please comment on this, for the benefit of the readers? Here are some links for reference...




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Are you able to do that thing that some dolphins do, where they leap out of the water and touch something with their nose or fly through a hoop before descending back into the water from whence ye came?

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Is it possible for you to redditpost about mermaid life while underwater being a mermaid? Asking for a friend.

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Hahaha!!! I am so sorry I missed this IAmA but it is great to read the comments. Thank you Donnie!

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It is incredible that none of the top issues in your post, nor anything in it even mentioned the ITU. As everybody and their dog now knows who has anything to do with the Internet, Feb. 1 is a deadline for comment on the 4th draft of Hamadoun Toure's and the ITU's proposal to take over net governance, which will be presented at WTPF13. The #Anonymous community is referring to this as #OpWTF. It is the subject of a story in ZDNET by Violet Blue, has been the topic of an RT story, has gotten incredible traffic as an extension of the #WCIT / #OpWCIT discussion (refer to #OpWTF) and quite frankly I am stunned that you have not identified it in your comments or priorities. Please get help! Here is one story on it, dealing with the petition side to defund the ITU and redirect U.S. funds for it to true multistakeholder institutions: http://zdnet.com/un-plans-internet-governance-amid-outcry-to-defund-itu-7000009882/ Here is the (all over the internet pastebin that you should have already read and acted on and featured on EFF's site): http://pastebin.com/ZUFVNcR2 [Describes how to contact the ITU on this issue, more.] Come on, finish your coffee and get going!