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Many MA voters like your liberal positions, however they are concerned that you do not have the political experience to win against Republicans or the powerful banks, insurance companies and industry. How would you answer them?

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Yes, most voters have not paid attention to the primary, if they ever will! But that situation affects ALL candidates. Now, they are starting to notice. How would your campaign speed past others (acceleration, not just momentum) who would be doing the same thing, but with a good head-start?

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Thanks, Sir Don. ... What is the status of your campaign? Is it doing well?

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Another volunteer here: We are doing our best in spreading the good news about Don, and I believe we are succeeding. My contact with voters have convinced me that many like Don's ideas. They also have to know that Don's campaign is doing well and he has a good chance to win.

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Thanks Don for the reply. Besides ability to win the election, I think the voters are concerned about your ability to act on your liberal ideas after you become governor. You still have to fight the same opponents to get things done.