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You're absolutely right. The job market can be extremely tough for recent grads. It is important to remember that most employers expect you to negotiate. Remember that you are a recent graduate and it will take time to gain experience and skills that will help increase your pay. So you do not want to get greedy and ask for too much money. Do your research take the PayScale salary survey to determine what the position you are applying for typically pays in your location. There are also plenty of other perks/benefits you can negotiate for besides money. Check out these related articles on negotiation advice for recent college grads and additional perks or benefits you can negotiate: http://www.payscale.com/salary-negotiation-guide/the-art-of-negotiating-your-first-job-offer and http://www.payscale.com/salary-negotiation-guide/3-benefits-you-must-negotiate. Best of luck!

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Great question! The key is to sell your experience. You need to be confident enough in your background, skills, and experience to be able to show the employer why you are qualified and the best candidate for the job. Depending on your industry and position, skills and experience are just as or more important than a degree. It can also be a good idea to find an 'in' at the company you are interested in working for and invite them out for coffee for an informational interview.

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Ask for the agreement in writing and signed by both parties!

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First, do your research. Use our cost of living calculator to determine the percentage increase you will need. When they make you an offer ask them if it includes a cost of living adjustment. If not, say that you have done research that shows that cost of living is X% higher and you would like to negotiate an X% salary increase.

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I would recommend taking your salary report to your employer. Tell them that you have done some research and you have found that you are clearly paid well below the market rate for this position. Then ask them what can be done to pay you market rate. If your employer can't meet your expectations, then you should start looking for a different position elsewhere. Best of luck!