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there will be an introductory text also, and perhaps some insights into how or why each grumpy animal came about ;)

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maybe more like "Steven the Panda is seen as a cute and cuddly softy, but Steven is still a f***ing bear. If Steven could speak he would probably let you know his dismay at being dismissed as a furry toy." :)

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I really can't see how society will move past it until both the artist and the customer both realise its value. It seems to be a vicious loop, where some customers will ask for free art because it's not a necessity, because it looks simple, and the artist will lower their asking price even to zero because they know nobody will pay for their work. What everybody needs to realise is that time is money, regardless of what was done with that time. Fixing a leaky pipe, programming a piece of software, making and serving a cup of coffee, drawing a cartoon. It all uses the same concept of time. A good piece of advice I saw was even if you are offering something for free or for a big discount to send them an invoice for the full amount but add the discount they receive. To make it CLEAR they fleeced you this time. Next time maybe they won't.

edit: no idea why anybody would downvote that question for you. It's an extremely valid point :)

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thanks for trying to help. I don't need to bank on anything. There's no risk here. The time I've put in has already rewarded me a thousand-fold in terms of my own discipline and getting back into a routine of being productive on a daily basis. And I don't need to sink any money into it. Thanks for looking out for me though. :) oh also, because it's available as pre-order, the book is actually already selling, so I know exactly the level of interest in the product. And I can tell you that you absolutely didn't need to worry.

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what's your favourite day drinking drink? asking for a friend