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a horse sized duck

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what are you a freakin St. Bernard? :D

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thank god you made it, where do you want these animals??

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I don't want to give too much away, but there's quite a lot of scope when you think of extinct animals, species of animals, and maybe even a spattering of fictional. We'll see how desperate I get. But for now I have more than enough regular animals to keep me busy. The only trick is getting them to be grumpy and funny and relevant to that particular animal too :) (edit:typo)

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At the moment I love Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet, the subtle comedy is perfect. I made a joke that I want to be him when I grow up (I'm 42). I think influences for this type of art (comic/comical) comes from a little bit of everywhere in life, and you have to give a little bit of yourself so that people can relate.