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I think there are people that don't care about carbon footprint stuff. And I think that rather than hitting them with sticks, it is better to appeal to their wallet or to the luxury in their lives. If a person lives in montana and switches from electric heat to a rocket mass heater, they will be warmer and save about $1500 per year. $1500 per year is a pretty strong motivator.

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Excellent questions!

A 4000 square foot home will probably have three rocket mass heaters. Keep your existing heaters and set the thermostats quite low.

Hundreds of thousands of consumers have build their own rocket mass heaters.

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It absolutely will! Yes! And if we add a trillions trees to the current natural carbon cycle, and keep our tree count up, then that is (roughly) a billion tons!

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I can build a good rocket mass heater for $200 in a weekend. And it will cut my annual heat expenses 99%. A heat pump is gonna cost a few thousand bucks (or more depending on the type) and will cut your annual heat bill by 30% to 65%. Does this help?

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Can confirm. All true.