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If you were to, theoretically speaking, make a game that takes place in outer space, would Nathan Drake be a potential character that would appear there?

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Oh I don't know... say... late 2014?

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Were all the awards that were given on the side stage handled that way deliberately, or was some of that to make up for some production mishap?

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Hi! Congrats for making yet another amazing (and well-received) game :-)

At any point do you think of a creative idea and end up rejecting it, not out of technical limitations, but because it's too far from mainstream? I suspect other studios often do this (I wish they didn't) and I'm glad Mm doesn't seem to act this way.

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Hi Geoff,

Great TGAs this year! Even better than last year, and I can tell you took feedback like mine (https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2p52pr/iama_geoff_keighley_producer_of_the_game_awards/cmtpral?context=3) to heart. It has become a real showcase for how great the world of games can be.

Greg Miller's acceptance speech touched on something I've long thought myself: that while we credit studios and often more high-profile individuals, we don't often dive in deeper to recognize individual contributions to art, sound, engines, modeling, etc. that can make these games great. Giving awards to score, narrative, and performance seems like a step in the right direction, but do you think future TGAs could breakout some award nominations for more specific technical achievements, too?

The closest analogy I could give is how there are Oscars for cinematography, visual FX, sound editing etc. I realize having too many awards presents its own challenge, and figuring out where to draw the line does too. But perhaps each year could focus on a core area of game design and rotate in subsequent years so there aren't too many awards given.

It's a tough nut to crack, but there are some real innovative games out there with some real innovative people behind the scenes. How can we bring out some of these people and put them in the spotlight too?