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I have facial hyper hydrosis (extreme facial sweating) that is linked with my social anxiety.

I find that once I start sweating, it’s very difficult to stop. The more I sweat, the more I tell myself that people will think I’m disgusting and weird, the more my anxiety increases. Now I’m at the point that every single event I have, I worry for days before it that I will sweat and no one will like me. Now I barely talk or try meet new people because I’ve convinced myself that I’m not a likeable guy. How do I get out this vicious cycle? It’s all triggered by anxiety.

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Thanks for your reply. You do an amazing job and I'm sure many people are better off because of what you do. Thank you :)

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How do you deal with the emotions of a call? I always hear 911 calls on YouTube or Tv and it's quite a bizarre situation that you most likely are dealing with someone on the end of a line who is either in a panic, shock, highly emotional and possibly irrational. 1) how do you yourself stay calm? 2) do you feel empathy for them or are you trained to get them help asap and deal with the emotions later after the call is over? 3) after a shift are you yourself exhausted and zapped of emotional energy?

I always marvel at how you guys handle it all. If I had someone call me to report that someone is dying in an emergency situation I would fall to bits.