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Student loans. Realizing how loan servicers like Navient make it impossible for people to pay back their loans was crazy. There’s one strategy Navient has where they convince people to go for something called loan forbearance, where you put off paying the loan but have to deal with huge interest rates later, instead of something called an income-based repayment plan, which lets you have smaller monthly payments if you make less money. Basically, they actively convince people to make really bad financial decisions. It’s horrible.

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The Dairy Farmers of America pressured me not to do an episode about how oat milk is better than regular milk.

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Our staff pitches episodes and we approve them based on how many references to Jeffrey Epstein you could make in them.

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Come on you know I was in The Big Sick.

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Paratha. Come on now. Sometimes naan comes in and it's too thick and your naan to salan ratio is all off. Also, if you let it stay outside too long it calcifies like dinosaur bones. Paratha splits the difference between Roti and Naan. It’s the middle way. It represents balance.