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I had shoulder surgery before the Sochi Olympics, so I got to see all of the figure skating live while I was home recovering. I just wanted to tell you that I LOVED listening to you and Tara do the commentary. It actually made me more of a fan of figure skating, because I felt like I learned more about the sport as the week went on. My wife and I really missed it when they did the replay in the evenings.

Do you still skate in any shows? I've tried to look around and find some, but didn't see any information. We would love to come see you live.

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Hi John! My wife and I have read all of your books, and we loved them. My question is this: My wife and her friends say I have no soul because I didn't cry / get all that sad from The Fault in Our Stars. I felt like it wasn't super sad because they really lived life in a short period of time, when it didn't seem to be a possibility. Who's right?

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Thanks! Unfortunately Moscow is a bit far, but I'll keep an eye on his site.