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Garden State 2: Garden harder.

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Not to mention coming back here and posting that he was fired. Jesus OP.

Professionalism 101

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Narrator: "They were in love until one fateful day"

<cue nolanesque trailer music>

Zach and Natalie walking in the park, gazing longingly in each other's eyes.


They turn around


<music grinds to a halt>


Natalie screams


<Zach and Natalie running>


<Natalie screams>

Fade to black

<Zach holding onto Natalie's hand as she's hanging over a ledge>

Zach: "HOLD ON!"


<Zoom in on fingers losing grip>


<Zach sitting in dark room, shadowy boxes all around>

Narrator: "Al Queda thought New Jersey was a prime target. Now they're going to get a taste of what the garden state's really about...."

<Cut to garage with object in middle covered by tarp>

<Zach pulls cover off>

<WWII motorcycle with mounted machine gun>

Fade to black

Random love interest: "What are you going to do?"

Zach: "I'm going to kill them all"

<cue exciting music>


<Clip of motorcycle chase scene, Zach jumps into side car and starts shooting at an Al Queda terrorist>


Cut to black

"SUMMER 2013"

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Love the channel. Been watching since you got popular!

How many pairs of shorts do you own?