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Just starting each paragraph with the phrase "This is Roman Mars" works for me... :)

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I have been part of a very large, lovely project that has suffered from very poor project management from the get go which has impacted severally on the final product. Watching your ball bounce away inspired me to do the same thing and walk away from it today! I hope ya appreciate the irony? :D

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Yup! I mainly work in theatre and dance. There's a few industries that could benefit from the effective work practices of both! I do love my dance work, I'm looking forward to digging into your wife's site! Lovely chatting to ya!

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Hehe, they are brilliant! :) I'm a performing arts sound designer by trade but I got involved in a full-length feature film project. It is truly gorgeous, and the cast and crew were wonderful. Principle photography was wrapped up this week and I had just been told that my deadline to complete the entire soundtrack, including mixing, soundtrack, adr, foley, blah de blah, had been reduced to three weeks. Argh. I looked at the ball breaking free and had a real strong moment of empathy. That was the moment I decided to do the exact same. :) First time in my life I've empathised with a huge red plastic ball! :) Well done, either way, tho! It's a beautiful concept, and the exposure is no harm either! Thanks so much for your reply, and continued success! :)

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Hey Roman. I'm a big fan of the show. Got me into listening to podcasts really. Two questions. One, could you go through the setup you used for the Ted Talk? I'm a sound engineer so go full on nerd. The other is, I was watching an old episode of Mythbusters the other day and 99% was mentioned, but blink and you'd miss it. Did you know?