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Why do you think we have not had a congressional inquest arranged to examine police training, tactics, and oversight of policies in order to create a better methodology for officers to use (the end goal being to reduce the loss of life of citizens and officers)? I mean, people will say I'm colluding the issue but we have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars trying to pin a false rap on Planned Parenthood and we cannot get congress to act on a legitimate and documented issue. I am disgusted by the leaders of my country.

Data has shown that the Dallas police chief had implemented policies to train his officers on deescalation techniques and had shown massive success over his term - thus far into 2016, there had been only one officer-involved shooting - in Dallas, one of the major metropolitan areas of the US. We can make effective change but none of our leadership is willing to initiate change.

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I had no idea this was possible and I appreciate you heightening awareness. I'm also glad things are going well for you from the sounds of things! I'm undergoing my second round of monitoring after precancerous cells showed up in my pap-smear (cervical not vulvar obviously). I was curious if you have children? Did you have to go through any additional monitoring (frequent pap smears?) for abnormal results? Was it your increased risk factors that made you go for that "pimple" biopsy or did something just seem off about it?

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If you happen to come back to this, I am curious about your sex drive. If its too personal, I understand. I saw that you are on hormone therapy and have a boyfriend and it made me wonder if you have a reduced sex drive compared to non-TS females. I also realize this may be hard to quantify, but if you have insight I would like to know. Thanks for doing this AMA - you seem like a pretty awesome chick and I know you've heard it a bunch but you are gorgeous.

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Not op(s), but consider Dallas. The police chief had been working with his officers on deescalation techniques and had gone to having only 1 officer-involved shooting in the present term of 2016 - in one of the major metropolitan areas of the US. It strikes me that this was a department that was working toward doing things right and they were targeted regardless. I hope that we do not lose the lesson on positive change and progress that was being implemented there.

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Thanks! I hadn't previously made a connection between a pimple or cyst and cancerous growth but that seems so logical now.