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To give further info, normally when you delete data, your OS tells the HDD to simply mark that sector where the data lives as "empty" in the file table. The data is still actually there on the HDD, but the OS does not recognize that it is due to the file table saying "Welp, nothing there anymore!"

Since the data is still there, as long as those sectors have not yet been overwritten by something else, you can still recover the data.

If you use a secure-delete option, this will usually go "Ok, take the sector where that file lives, OVERWRITE IT with 0s or something random, and then mark the file table for that sector as empty." Data in this case is usually not recoverable from the HDD, AFAIK.

This is where TRIM comes in. In a HDD, you do not have to delete data in a sector to overwrite it; you simply overwrite it. In a SSD, you MUST delete data that exists in a sector before you can overwrite it. Deleting something every time you have to write something to the drive takes much longer than simply writing something to the drive. This is TRIM's job; it goes ahead and "trims" the unnecessary or deleted data proactively when you delete a file, and leaves that memory space on the SSD empty for writing new data to it.

There are likely exceptions to the above, but I think that's a general overview.

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Why was the choice made to not include an HDMI 2.0 port in the rest of the NUC6 series?

The NUC lineup is a favorite among HTPC users, but the lack of a HDMI 2.0 port in the NUC6i3 and the NUC6i5 is a huge disappointment. Instead, users who do not need an i7 processor have to get an adapter to pass from Display Port to HDMI in order to utilize HDMI 2.0 compatibility (apparently the adapter does some work to support this). Or they are left paying more for functionality they don't really need in a HTPC by purchasing the NUC6i7.

Will future NUCs all adopt the HDMI 2.0 standard?

EDIT: Mind, I'm not mad about this; just genuinely curious if there was a technical limitation or other reason for the choice.

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HomeLab folks would love to have a small NUC for server experimentation of this type!

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Have you connected with any of the local communities who have done watershed restoration projects in Hawaii already? I know of one group on Maui that has already put in 10 years of work, and with amazing results. It might be good to be a force multiplier on their work with tried and true methods!

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Throw it up on github?