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I enjoy your more critical interviews like the one with Peter Schiff or Steven Greer where you really try to nail down what their views are and why they are so controversial.

Your shows often have a lot of strawman arguments with creationists, feminists, whatever and sometimes I feel stupid listening to two skeptics circle-jerk about why creationists are dumb or two dudes talking about feminism. Do you think you could just have someone you disagree with on the show and get to the bottom of it?

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Yeah, the point is not to have conflict, but to really try to get at the reason why a person believes something and understand it. Get them to acknowledge the aspect that is difficult and explain their side.

Thanks for your answer.

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Cmon, kids! Let's go to History-City!

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Wait I thought Gasland was widely debunked. I can't keep up.

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I didn't like Belfort but I do like drugs and naked women and cool cars.