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This post has more useful information than every tweet ever, combined. I wasn’t going to start a resort town in California before, but I sure as hell won’t do it now. Thanks!

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You are in a cage match with Tom Araya, Gene Ween, MC Frontalot, Ice Cube and the ghost of Johnny Cash.

What is your strategy?

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but a few lawmakers say they wished there was more time to craft a better bill.

Maybe twelve years. Maybe twenty. Maybe fifty. It isn't like they've had dozens of votes on changes or full repeals in the past six years. I'm not sniping you here, but how can any lawmaker say this with a straight face?

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Hi unmined -

For some specific references on harm, you might take these for a spin.

Prenatal exposure to PBDEs and neurodevelopment

In utero and childhood polybrominated diphenyl ether PBD exposures and neurodevelopment in the CHAMACOS study

Those are in humans. The studies on animal models regarding the ability for these types of chemicals to interferre with hormones is vast.

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It's difficult to ask this delicately.

What the fuck did Republicans think was going to happen?

Didn't they know, in their heart of hearts, that you can't keep pre-existing conditions clause without the mandate?

Did they really think that people would look at a bill that was the size of a sunday news paper and think it adequately could describe a health care solution for a country of three hundred million?

Edit: Do you think Democrats should provide enough votes to pass this piece of shit to make Republican's own something, for once? I've been pushing this strategy on /r/politicaldiscussion and am mostly getting shelled for it. My thought process is, a big enough segment of the population won't consider some build of universal coverage until they see the 'market' fail to solve their health care problems. It will mean a lot of sick people, plenty of dead people, and exploded budgets, but if it leads to some flavor of universal coverage in ten years, then it's worth it.

Did they give any consideration, at all, to the fact that they passed at least four 'full repeal' bills up to Obama's desk over the past six years makes them look wildly incompetent that they can't pass their own goddamn plan when they've got someone hot to sign it?