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partyforsorrying13 karma

It's been a challenging year or two for Stone Brewing - layoffs, selling off Berlin, and the trademark battle with MillerCoors and Keystone.

I'm curious how those things play into your resiliency, or lack thereof, during this pandemic.

I'm also curious how the lawsuit in particular is impacting the operation right now when financial resilience is so critical. Is it proving to be too costly? Is the potential reward, if you win, going to impact your position in any material way?

partyforsorrying1 karma

I think I get that - but my question was about financial resiliency. Layoffs and closures while a prolonged legal battle plays out might be hard for some people effected by those decisions to reconcile. Especially if the pandemic requires you to make more decisions in that vein.

I'm curious where you draw the line between being maybe right about something, and taking care of your people.

partyforsorrying-12 karma

I'm relating them all in the sense that they all cost gobs of money. And some of the layoffs came about long before Covid.

I hope the gamble pays off in the end.