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Yes :)

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We choose the best games from the bundle!

Just kidding, it is pretty arbitrary. We basically just ask a developer if they would mind being in that slot and repeat until it is filled. Sometimes a developer will specifically request to be there. Sometimes it is actually hard to fill.

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Hey, I am a huge fan of your channel! I subscribed ever since the Overgrowth video, which has made a huge difference for Wolfire, by the way.

It is hard to pick five games, without revealing Humble Indie Bundle 7. :)

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The Humble Double Fine Bundle was actually our first bundle to support it, which came out last month. It represents less than .1% of our sales for Humble Indie Bundle 8, which is pretty surprising for me. Bitcoin users do seem more generous than average though. I want to get some official stats for a blog post soon.

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Not exactly scheduled, but in the works. It can take a long time to bring games to Linux.