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Do you know how much you mean to me?

Robby, I know this might sound trite as you get this a lot, but, you mean the world to me. I connect with you and your music on a whole other plane. The Doors music is the soundtrack to my life. I thank you each and everyday man. I don’t know where I’d be without you. Here is how I discovered The Doors:

I was on my dads iPod when I was about ten years old. We were in the car on a long road trip. I used to scroll through his music where I got turned into people like Pink Floyd, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Iron Butterfly, Neil Diamond, and Abba, among so many others. One day I saw this strange album named “An American Prayer”. I listened to the whole thing and I fell in love. I was so mesmerized — I never heard anything quite like it before. I felt at home. It felt right. Your sounds, your rhythms, your lyrics all feel like the pulse of my own being. I could feel what was coming next even though I never heard your songs before that day. And then right after that album, I listened to “Other Voices” and “Full Circle”. I loved those albums too! Since it was my first time listening to you guys, I had no idea it wasn’t Jim singing on those two albums, haha! But then after that I went through your entire catalogs from the beginning, and man, what a wild and beautiful ride it is.

Thank you so much for everything.

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What was it like playing to a small crowd at the London Fog and then being catapulted into true stardom, where millions of people knew your name? In other words, what’s it like becoming famous?

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“Smog will get you pretty soon”

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What’s it like to wake up and realize you’re Robby Krieger?

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They are great albums! Very, very underrated.